Healing stone Alaska

It was a bright sunny day here in Alaska. My mother, son Duke and brother’s family went on a picnic at Goose Bay. The sound of the water hitting the shore was tranquil and the sun shining down was gloriously enjoyable. Duke and his cousins got to play in the sand as my brother started to cook on his new portable grill. The food was delicious, it always is when eaten out in the country. An alder tree had fallen off the 40’ or so high cliff and my mom was inspecting it. She found a peculiar green glass like stone and quickly showed us. It was beautiful and looked like it was broken off. I decided to go look where she found it and by my shining stars I found another piece of this beautiful green stone. We washed them off in the silty water and by golly the piece we each found fit perfectly together in the shape of a heart 💚 I was so excited and thankful that we both found this beautiful rock and we will keep them forever. If it is Obsidian it is said to be a healing stone, I’m always up for healing as we all are constantly healing on a daily basis if you realize it or not. Living through each day we are grateful for after overcoming past trauma is a form of healing. May our hearts mend together just as the rock forms together as a beautiful heart! God is good all the time!

Goose Bay Alaska


  1. Wow, that’s so beautiful!
    So good to hear from you Gertie, love the pics too! I hope you’re all well up there. May God bless you and lead you to more ‘hearts’, esp the heart of Christ! 😃

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