IMG_8447My best asset is not my looks, not how I act, it is literally my ability to put my trust in God and to love Him and His son, regardless of the struggles of this world we are called to endure. Even through our struggles a lesson is learned. I have and continue to learn patience.

There is no limit on faith, just keep your faith and He will keep you. I was sewing yesterday and was thinking of our families life up at the cabin. One summer my parents bought an old fashion hand crank laundry washer. It was an open circle with the roller pin. It didn’t work very well but it did do a good job of ringing out the clothes that were washed. We had the washer boards and a tin tub before and after we used this contraption. My least favorite chore is and always was dishes. I went through a month of paying my siblings Monopoly money to do the dishes, until they tried to spend it at the store. I was punished accordingly and ended up having to do more chores in the end.

We had over 20 mushing dogs for a long time growing up. We had a slop bucket for table scraps we would feed them along with fish backbones. My dad never relied on commercial dog food, and commercial dog food never made sense to me. It is a healthier diet for dogs to eat table scraps and fish. The commercial producers use a lot of by product that is considered unedible by human standards. Also, when a puppy is a puppy and dewormed, they have to continue to be dewormed because although they eat commercialized dog food, they get worms over and over again. I would imply that maybe there is a scheme with the dog medical and food industry, skeptical to say the least.

Chores are important for children. They teach structure and healthy living habits, Duke is required to clean up any messes he makes and is always happy to do so, I just make it fun. Make life fun!


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