A beautiful mind.

Pick a memory any memory. Chances are if I was in that memory I can recall it. I can remember, at will, any memory. Some memories I wish were a wash. We are all given memories, not to dwell on, but to learn from. I have the belief that memories are processed based on emotions, and the emotion of that memory gives the memory in depth detail. People have a tendency to remember trauma, an emotion on the extreme spectrum of emotional memorization. Memories that effect the rest of your life. People who are happy, and remember happy memories are rare. It could be something as simple as watching a bumblebee on a flower where the sun was shining just so as to amplify the colors of the yellow or the glass on the eye radiating in the sun, to the numerous fish jumping for flies in a river with fins gliding through the top of the water catching the sun just so. Embedded memories are etched in the brain for a reason. Poetry, hope, novelistic ideas or simply recalling joy. Either way, when you remember simplistic acts that most do not, do not doubt your gift. For it is a gift that is given to you for a reason, however unfounded. A person who appreciates beauty in all they see, embed that beauty in their mind as to not forget the beauty of life that is a gift. Life is a gift. Do you remember?

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