Living Bright

I’ve written in the past about my late brother. It would have been his birthday today. I do not dwell on the heartache of losing him, I try to live a bright life of love because I believe that is the best way to honor those that have gone before us. It may feel as if we are left in this world to fend for ourselves, but we all have a Heavenly Father who keeps watch over us day and night. I take comfort that my brother Axel is in God’s care. I rejoice because he was saved. I’m thankful for the miracle God has given us of extra time with him before he was gone. Suicide is prevalent in rural Alaska and more so in Alaskan Natives. It should be a wake up call that we, as a people, have 5x more children taken from our homes than any other group of people, furthermore only 2% are reunified with their families. That cycle only leads to more alcoholism, drug addiction and inevitably a higher suicide rate. It is a choice to heal, it’s hard work but our future generations will reap the benefits. Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you think you are better than the next, it simply means you are fighting for the lives of our future generations. I remember my brother today, as I remember him every single day and strive to be that change that our people need. It starts as a splash, than turns to a ripple, soon a wave follows and we are on the presuppose of a tsunami. I pray today for healing and love everlasting. Love and be love.

Axel Constantine


  1. Gertie, thank you for opening your heart here. I know exactly how you feel, my only brother who was my best friend, died over ten years ago.
    Even more, it’s so important to learn of the great challenges oppressing your people. I will remember to pray, asking the Lord to raise up believers and bring deliverance and victory.
    Press on dear sister!

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