Nikola Tesla Theory

I have a theory that this brilliant mind was able to use not only air as a conduit for electricity, but perhaps he went one step further and mastered an even faster way using water. H20 is the best conductor of electricity in its non polluted state because it could be directed rather than flay about aimlessly. All forms of life need this essential compound. I like to envision his ideas of free energy for everyone. One day people by the masses will become awake and realize the evil people in this world do not control it, every day common people, good hearted people have the capability to change the world. When thoughts and ideas are stripped of selfish desires they become free. When this world becomes selfless and we as a race come together for that what is good, that is going to be amazing. I love to give ideas in hopes that someone who is more capable of accomplishing it does just that, accomplish ideas for a better world.

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