Nikola Tesla Theory

I have a theory that this brilliant mind was able to use not only air as a conduit for electricity, but perhaps he went one step further and mastered an even faster way using water. H20 is the best conductor of electricity in its non polluted state because it could be directed rather than flay about aimlessly. All forms of life need this essential compound. I like to envision his ideas of free energy for everyone. One day people by the masses will become awake and realize the evil people in this world do not control it, every day common people, good hearted people have the capability to change the world. When thoughts and ideas are stripped of selfish desires they become free. When this world becomes selfless and we as a race come together for that what is good, that is going to be amazing. I love to give ideas in hopes that someone who is more capable of accomplishing it does just that, accomplish ideas for a better world.

Artists Conk Alaska

IMG_7682Today I used my wood burning iron for the first time. This is what we call punk in Alaska. In ash form it helps absorb other substances more intensely. It would be interesting to study its effects in other combinations besides nicotine, considering that is what a lot of natives mix it with I’m sure it could play a more useful part perhaps absorbing nutrients that are beneficial. I’d like to try mixing some ash with chaga tea or Labrador tea along with my rosehip petals and spruce resin. Possibilities are endless with an open mind.


One of my favorite things to do as a kid and as an adult is to build forts. My older sister and I spent a summer secretly working on a fort in the woods behind our cabin 11 miles up the Unalakleet river. We did our chores each day and when we got play time we continued building our secret fort. It was tall enough to stand up in. We used willows for the frame and intertwined smaller branches for the walls, then filled those in with moss and grass. It was our masterpiece that summer. Then my dad found it. He said we did such a good job that it had to be torn down. Otherwise animals would use it for their very own home and it was too close to our cabin where we spent our summers gathering food for winter. After that we didn’t build such good structures near where we dwelled. On the beach in Unalakleet I taught my older sons when they were young to build awesome forts. Sturdy and beautiful, something so cool the kids in town did not want to destroy it but enjoy it rather. Duke and I build winter forts with snow and soon we will build our forts in summer as well. This is a good skill to have, maybe when you get stuck out in the woods, at least you are capable of building a temporary shelter to stay warm. Even during play life long lessons are learned. A lesson does not need to be a strict lesson looked on in dread, a lesson of love can be a lesson durning play.

Revolution of Love.

Realize, there are no powers that be, only the power that is, His name is Jesus. What you call big brother, is not big, only made to believe that through an image that is now shattered. People, every day common people, who lift each other up in prayer, wherein lies the power. People, created in God’s image, creeds and nations come together to form one image, His image. It does not matter the color of the skin, when a skin is slashed, regardless of it’s color, cells come together to heal.

Last year I was asked by someone who claimed to have royal blood, if I had to choose to be a peasant or a queen which would I choose. The answer, for me was simple, a peasant. Anyone who thinks they can rule over man, is a simple mind indeed. Anyone who claims they rule over man, is insane. When you break free of the chains of your past, that is liberty. We pray for liberation, redirection and redemption.

When a soul is at stake.

I once had a dream in High School. Jesus was in the form of a cloud sweeping over the earth. Picking up the select for the rapture. I raised my hand and was being raised, then when my relief was gone I could not continue, I was let gently back down. In my heart I was willing to give up my spot for someone so wicked on this earth that they did not want Jesus. My spot was willingly given to someone who refused to be saved and I did not understand. If all that were chosen were willing to stay to help the lost, that is what I felt was my calling. A feeble mind will pray for the rapture to come sooner than later for they do not understand the souls at stake and lack compassion. The passion of the Christ is the willing select ready to give up what is promised to them for the evil of the evils of this earth and in doing so rid the earth of the most wicked so that others may have a chance at receiving grace and love that is Jesus. When a soul is lost all of the heavens weep, when a soul is found, all of the heavens rejoice. So let us rejoice and be glad in Him. Hope will never be lost.

Intergalactic souls

Imagine the billions of people and animals that have come before us since the time of creation. Everything is unfolding in accordance with God’s will. The factors at play are free will of man. The playing field is the “apple of His eye” that is Earth. There is no home away from home for this is our God given home for now and for eternity. Man is tasked to love God and in doing so it takes respect for the gifts He has given us. The most important being His Son Jesus. The wind is like the Holy Spirit swishing and swaying as directed by the Father. The sun and it’s rays will represent our Creator, Giver of life. The Universe filled with unfathomable amount of galaxies, stars, planets and cosmos, each representing those that have come before us. The closer the star the further in time it has come from, the further the star the more recent the soul transformed. The vast array of God’s creation displayed for all to see. The dark matter in space is just that, dark. A black hole will consume that what is good when a battle is lost. Earth being the battlefield with every soul of the greatest importance. The core of the earth being hell bent on being fed the lost souls daily, ever burning and consuming. There is no escape plan man can conceive to make it out alive. It is only in the mind of man to think that we can fly out to the heavens and survive. It is only in the mind of man to say the earth is doomed. It is only in the mind of the utter evil beings on this plane to think that they will receive heaven on earth when they attempt to wipe out our ever awakening kind. To be awake is to know there is a God who left us in top order of the image of Him in hopes of choosing the right path. Every path will lead to death, your soul being will either burn for eternity or gleam in the heavens for all to see. My heaven on earth is spreading hope and love in a world full of dark and decay. Shooting stars are like the free spirit, able to observe the heavens over and over. The loss of life in America off of abortions alone is sheer selfishness and a generation made to believe that it is ok. The children suffering around the world is disheartening to degrees unfathomable. The loss of life taken by other life, even more so. When life is what our Creator has hopes of us choosing love over death. To think that He needs us having devastating consequences, it is us who needs Him. Analogy of life as I perceive it.


There is no Honor in a Medal.

We rise, we stand in unison, we Indigenous. Our Creator will hear our war cries, to use Him against us is the work of the evil one. Actions speak louder than words and a word is just that, words. We act on love for there is no other way. -Tuvramu