Seven Blue Elk

One of the most captivating dreams I’ve had took place many years ago. I was in a valley in the winter on a snowmobile riding fresh powder. Funny thing is the “snowmobile,” which where I’m from we call snow-machines, was an old enticer model. It was old but sturdy and reliable. I came to the base of an open hill and out of the top of the hill came a herd of seven bull elks. They were majestic and powerful and in my dream I knew my eyes had to be deceiving me because who heard of blue elk? Most of my dreams are vivid and feel real. I felt pretty small when they started down the hill in a V formation. It was intimidating watching them go through the snow with ease and my heart was racing. I waited for the last minute to rev up the old rig and it gave out. I felt like my life was in danger but to my surprise the leader of the blue elk juked left from my stance and the rest of them followed. It was so realistic and I never did figure this dream out. I had never seen elk before besides on tv and I had never heard of blue elk. I like insight from others so have at it.


  1. When you are at your most vulnerable point in life, the most scared, the most in danger, the hardest point; HAVE FAITH! God is the blue elk and He will lead you into the right path.

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