Sewskimo Gertz


Usually, when I start to see geese or crane flying North, I know the fiddleheads are almost ready. These are the early unfurled ferns that like to grow in moist areas, such as near creeks or by the bay. In their raw form, fiddleheads have a toxin that can be removed by boiling the cleaned greens for five minutes then rinsing well before cooking or pickling. I like to pickle mine with… Read More

Seal skin, beaver and calf skin design.

One summer in middle school a family from Nome brought their horses to Unalakleet. This was the first time I saw a horse in real life. I was in love with horses and they were beautiful. They fed along the coastal beach grazing on grass and could not be more picturesk. Nena was the name of the female horse. I was dared to ride her bareback when me and some friends drove… Read More

Just finished up a pair of ultra comfortable slippers. Men’s size 12.5-13 or 11 inches for the inside sole. Alaskan seal, New Zealand sheered sheepskin for the sole and Alaskan coyote and fox for the trim. Thanks for looking!

Sewskimo Gertz creation: seal skin slipper, sheered sheep sole with beaver and beaded trim. Alaskan Native made by me with love ❤️ almost done. I cut out the pattern yesterday and sewed my little heart out today!

Today I used my wood burning iron for the first time. This is what we call punk in Alaska. In ash form it helps absorb other substances more intensely. It would be interesting to study its effects in other combinations besides nicotine, considering that is what a lot of natives mix it with I’m sure it could play a more useful part perhaps absorbing nutrients that are beneficial. I’d like to try… Read More

Duke and I go for a nature walk around our neighborhood to get our exercise. It’s the same loop we walk but everyday a new beauty is revealed to me. An endless beauty!

By Gertie Ann Ever since I was a little girl one of my favorite people to simply observe was Anna LaMug. She frequented our humble home when she traveled to Unalakleet. It was my one goal to make her smile while she visited, I won almost every time. Her stature and the way she carried herself is how I hold myself when I need to, only when I need to. I saw… Read More