Sewskimo Gertz


A call to healing Our Savior is Jesus Christ He will restore our brokenness We are the broken-hearted when our hearts heal our future children will no longer suffer We knew our Creator before He was given a name. Accepting Jesus is accepting our new destiny to protect the earth from the ills of mankind a sober Native is a loving native sober up stand up we are love united

We rise, we stand in unison, we Indigenous. Our Creator will hear our war cries, to use Him against us is the work of the evil one. Actions speak louder than words and a word is just that, words. We act on love for there is no other way. -Tuvramu

Some of the most powerful war horses took a lot of breaking in. The native people of America knew to be patient with disobedient horses because once tamed, the hardest horse to break in was a gift to the chief. Patience. Oh how I lack patience, but He is patient. Anything that I lack, God will provide. It could be in the form of a song, a smile from a stranger or… Read More

we will unite the native tribes will stand in unison it will not be a fight to the death our weapon is love you cannot combat us our hearts bleed innocence they have bled long enough the streams of blood flow Gathered at the basin of the dead they will not consume us we have stood idle long enough we have been awake your lies do not shake us we shake the… Read More

When the survival of our future generations is threatened, living our traditional way of life, a life without the need for over processed junk, we are two steps ahead. We will fight with every fiber of our being through love and understanding and we will lead a Nation back to peace and prosperity. We are the mothers of the children who will build a better world. Just as the seed of love… Read More

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