Alaska’s Duke

Every day is an adventure with my son Duke. I thank the good Lord for him every single day. When he reads a book after he is done he shuts it and says Amen. At night we say our prayers and pray for all his brothers and sister. His memory amazes me. Each day you can give your child a memory they will cherish a lifetime or a nightmare they try to forget. He has had an amazing childhood and it will only get better. Zero cavities and we do not use fluoride products. Love your children, teach them responsibility and good strong work ethics, they may not thank you later in life, but the only thanks you need is a good hearted child.

The miles on his play quad wheeler is most likely in the thousands. The plastic tread on the tires are almost gone.


The neighborhood tractor. Ash pooled together the neighbors to fund a neighborhood tractor. Our roads are not maintained by the local government so it does come in handy.IMG_7271

Moose tacos. “Smile son.” His real smiles are priceless. Very simple meal. Pan fried moose meat with taco seasoning, soft taco wraps, three cheese shredded mix and grape tomatoes. IMG_7278