Sewskimo Gertz


Duke and I are becoming adjusted to living in an apartment. He has so much more room to play and run, but has had to learn to run quietly as we now have neighbors. We live not too far from town in a nice neighborhood. I am actively looking for a job in town until my book does well enough to support me and pursue publishing more great children’s books! I entered… Read More

Three hearts: heart shaped moose steak, Duke of hearts and a heart shaped birch burl. 💘 May your day be filled with love and happiness! cookies for Duke. 

In my language, Inupiaq, we call squirrels shrick shrick. This is a cute pile of pinecone leftovers. Duke likes to pick the pinecones blown off the trees that are on our daily walk. We gave the squirrel a pile of pinecones picked by Duke.

Every day is an adventure with my son Duke. I thank the good Lord for him every single day. When he reads a book after he is done he shuts it and says Amen. At night we say our prayers and pray for all his brothers and sister. His memory amazes me. Each day you can give your child a memory they will cherish a lifetime or a nightmare they try to… Read More

Duke and I baked a butter cake and made butter frosting. Rich cake for rich love that we have for my brother Axel in heaven. Peace to his memory on the day he was born. love to all.

Mommy and Duke adventures, he did not want his picture today. Often times the smaller trees will carry a larger load of snow than the ones who tower over them.

My third born son. All my sons are my reason to try my very best to build a better and brighter future. My childhood wonderment for this big big world will never be lost. I simply refuse to grow up.