Battlefield Alaska

She did not find herself when she thought she was lost

She did not whimper when life leaned on her back

She did not cave in when everything crumbled down

Sometimes when you feel like there is no hope, sometimes when you feel like the world swallowed you whole and spit you back up covered in dirt, this is when it’s a good idea to stand strong and keep your faith. I put my faith in Jesus.

I choose not to fight the battles thrown at me in life, I pray for my battles to be taken to a different battlefield, the spiritual plane where Jesus steps in and commands evil forces away, where there was darkness, He brought light. I am praying this for my home state of Alaska right now. We are loosing our young people to suicide at an elevated rate. In order to fight suicide we need to work together as communities and encourage our parents to spend more time with their children. The more effort and time a parent puts with healthy activities the less likely that child will take their own life. It’s the early ages of 0-7 years that is the most important time for parents to spend quality time and at the same time the child is being molded subconsciously into the unique individual they become. Included in that time is prayer. Pray for your children, even when they are no longer children. Why pick your battles when you don’t even have to fight them, that is the truth of the prayer warrior.

Pray vigilant, love and be love.


There was a sadness in her eyes. The tears seemed to never run dry…

I lost my younger cousin yesterday. He was such a happy kid growing up. He was best buds with my younger brother. They hunted birds and game growing up. When my son Zeth was born he held him and told me he would teach him to hunt when Zeth grew up. I rarely get to see any relatives nowadays, but you are all cherished deeply. I always called Christian Koosubacker or bud. You will be missed dear cousin 💕🙏🏼

Zeth and our cousin Christian 16 years ago.

My sincerest condolences to his parents, sisters and families ❣️

Alaskan Mukluk Yo-yo’s

For years I’ve only wished for my mom to realize her true potential and worth. For years I’ve had talks with an inebriated  mom who did not realize her own self worth. Now, for months I’ve had sober life discussions with my mom, the woman who gave birth to me. The woman who raised me to be the person I am today. Duke and I welcomed my mom’s arrival in May. Since then, she has watched my son Duke for me while I worked at a daycare. Not expecting a penny in return. Lack of hours led me back to my life long passion of sewing, creating beautiful works of art with my very own hands. I was struggling, I am struggling, only holding on to my faith in a better tomorrow. Funny thing is, tomorrow isn’t promised. I recently lost my neighbor growing up, who was a beloved aunt. I remember her flower bed vividly. Everyday I walked to school in the morning I would adore my Aunt’s flower bed, saying to myself I love those flowers, I want to grow flowers like her when I grow up. I did. I grew flowers again and again, never able to attain the beauty of my Aunt’s flower bed. So here I am, sewing with my mom everyday, casting my worries to God. He takes care of His own didn’t you know? Blessed memory to my Aunt and here are some pictures of my finished Mukluk Yo-yo’s. May your flower beds be full and your heart as well!