Alaskan Flowers

Summer is here and now the flowers are making their debut. God is good, all the time!

2 & 3 year old class projects 2019. I have a great co-worker and awesome students!

Happy Golden Birthday to my son Duke! God is good! All the time!

Alaskan Fiddleheads

Duke and I harvested our first batch of fiddleheads for the year today! We saw cranes and geese making their journey north. Enjoyed making sand castles and soaking up the sun. Happy harvesting! God is good, all the time!

Jesus is Risen!

I’m so grateful for the love Jesus has shown all of us! He died no more for me than He died for you! Happy Easter everyone! Love and be Love!

Sewskimo Gertz

My latest project is complete! Seal skin booties with beaver and beaded trim. 💕

Baby Bumblebee

My son Duke and I went for a walk today and came across three baby bumblebees. Happy Spring from Alaska!

Patricia Ann

God is good, all the time. My middle name Ann comes from my Grandma Pat’s middle name, Patricia Ann, who went to be with the Lord yesterday. I wrote an earlier piece titled “My young Grandma” she was in the hospital for pneumonia and did not want a feeding tube. She is no longer suffering and died with Jesus in her heart, God is my comfort and holds those who are His close to His heart.

Inupiaq doll

My mom taught me how to make Inupiaq dolls. Ivory face and hands. Muskrat and calfskin parka, seal skin leggings and boots with beaver trim. She used her hair for the dolls hair as well. Intricate detailed work. A dying art passed on to the next generation 💕

Happy Valentines Day❣️

Duke and I had a great Valentines Day! we hope you did as well! God is love❣️