There is a place in my heart that is set aside, it is “taken” “reserved” “occupied” Sometimes there are people in life that hold a piece of your heart and that spot stays forevermore theirs. I like to imagine my heart in its entirety and the love that dwells there is for Jesus. Then I take it further and know in my heart that those I grew up with, siblings, cousins, best friends, aunts and uncles, parents and people close to me all have their share in my heart. Even when they leave this earth that spot remains, always filled with love for my savior and to their memory. It’s so hopeful to never be afraid of getting a “broken heart” because a heart filled with love for Jesus can never truly be broken. Constantly healing and growing the longer we live to accommodate new spots for people we grow to love. Love is awesome, not to be taken for granted and given freely. Never expecting a thing in return but always greeted with a smile. Love.

Alaska Scenery

Hatcher’s Pass

God’s beauty is all around. When appreciated in the moment we are in this beauty makes life more beautiful. We are all blessed to be able to observe God’s beauty but whether or not we appreciate it is up to our own self.

Alaskan Summer Day

One of the most rewarding acts I can accomplish in my life is passing down the traditional knowledge of my subsistence culture to my sons. Gathering sustenance from the land is a simple act of love anyone can give to their children.

Adventures of mommy and Duke

Duke enjoying the berries we picked today!

Find a berry

Pick it up

In my belly

I eat them up

A berry for my bucket

A berry for mom

We enjoy every moment

Of our berry song

Alaskan Berries 2019

I checked on the cloudberries today. Some were ripe and some were not. I know from experience, no matter how hot it is outside, to wear carhartts. The horseflies are vicious and relentless. The berries are packed with a high content of vitamin C. One cup is equivalent to approximately 7 oranges. The seeds take seven years to germinate and rightly so because these berries are a super food. One of my many goals in life are to bring these to a local market, possibly further. As I delve into God’s bounty this 2019 berry season I am extremely thankful for the knowledge and desire to practice the Inupiaq lifestyle. Blessings from Alaska!

11th Annual Tribal Celebration and Health Fair

This year’s theme for our Tribal Celebration was “honoring our women!” Our community of men were able to sign their names to protect our women. The event started the same as last year with an opening prayer in traditional language. The scene was filled with our elders and all age groups. A family friendly gathering with a rock wall, bounce area, chalk art, bubbles and vendors with crafts along with informative health booths. There was door prizes with bikes, gift baskets and work from the vendors including a signed copy of my children’s book. Dancing and drumming, singing and great food throughout the event. I enjoyed the older ladies giving me compliments on my work and in turn making me smile! I won a $15 fandango gift card for winning my age group hula hoop contest. Our elders were served first for the potluck consisting of halibut, salmon, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, moose soup and rice. Knik and Chickaloon tribes hosted another great event!

Great door prizes and great food!

I bartered this gorgeous headband for a jar of Chaga!

Sewskimo Gertz craft table:

Alaskan Flowers

Summer is here and now the flowers are making their debut. God is good, all the time!