Inupiaq doll

My mom taught me how to make Inupiaq dolls. Ivory face and hands. Muskrat and calfskin parka, seal skin leggings and boots with beaver trim. She used her hair for the dolls hair as well. Intricate detailed work. A dying art passed on to the next generation 💕

The Gift of the Grasshopper

The gift of the grasshopper

We can learn from the creation around us. Take the grasshopper’s strategy of life. A grasshopper cannot physically hop backwards and cannot hop to the left or to the right. It must position itself before it leaps forward while grounded. The grasshopper only has one direction and that is forward. Do not let the woes of this world make you position yourself to go in the direction of the past. Instead let God position your leap. A leap of faith in the right direction is a lesson learned by the gift of the grasshopper. Please keep my son Duke in your prayers. His father is physically withholding Duke from the only person who has been in his life, his entire life. I lift up Ash in prayer and prayer for an intervention to stop this neglect. I allowed Duke to visit Ash on weekends because I believe in fair parental rights. There is no custody order in place and we are waiting for a hearing date on custody. The enemy is using Ash to destroy my son. Prayers are appreciated!

Mother Me

Dear son Dear son

Find joy in the sun

Warmth in the moon

Learn the way of the land

That is your silver spoon

A bunch of fish

And game meat on a dish

May your freezers be full

And your bellies never empty

Mother me mother me

My heart sings for you three