Alaskan Summer 2021

Your life is the product of your inner most hopes. I hope you all had a blessed summer. Love and be love.

Mommy and Duke May 4th

Swing in to Summer List: Alaska


We started off our summer with a camping trip on June 1st. We went through a beaver 🦫 forest to find a beautiful beaver!

Mr. Beaver “Fluffy”

I spent spring picking Masu, an edible root also known an an Indian potato, fiddleheads, beach greens we call tiqayuks, sura or willow blooms, spruce tips, and a fish called hooligan. We are so blessed to be able to gather goodness from the land and the tradition of gathering enough to last through winter.

I have started a TikTok to share “driving in Alaska” and subsistence activities. God is good!

Catching hooligan also known as oolichan or candlefish.

Love and be loved.

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Spring 2021

The wonderful cycle of gathering goodness from the land continues. I say cycle because we repeat it every year. Work hard in the spring, summer and fall to put away enough food to last through the winter. We were raised to live like this. It’s a memory recorded in our DNA. I like to share this knowledge because everyone should be capable of feeding themselves, especially when the store shelves become empty. The edible food that grows around us naturally produces the nutrients we need to survive our habitat. That’s the same for the vegetation and animals all over the world. Duke turned six and he has a deep understanding of nature already. He has a thankful heart and loves the food we gather. Learn. Live. Love 💕

Masu, edible root.

Blessed Easter 2021

This year Duke and I talked about what Easter means. First I asked him what it meant to him, he exclaimed “the Easter bunny comes to hide the eggs.” I said “we do get to find eggs hidden by the Easter bunny but Easter is the day Jesus rose from His tomb and went to heaven.” “why did he go to heaven?” Asked Duke. “Well Jesus went to heaven so we can all go to heaven, we have to believe in Him and He loves every single person and wants all of us to go to heaven.” In the mind of a 5 year old Easter is about a bunny who hides eggs. Duke prays with me, sings with me and knows mommy loves Jesus. I don’t force him to believe, he just follows by example. Following by example. Our only example we need to follow is Jesus’. It’s perfect and something we can strive for and always improve. I’m saved through Jesus and thankful every day for His sacrifice. Love and be love, here are some 2021 Easter pictures. 💕 He is Risen Indeed.

IG Sewskimo

I love taking pictures of nature! Alaska photography by Sewskimo

Living Bright

I’ve written in the past about my late brother. It would have been his birthday today. I do not dwell on the heartache of losing him, I try to live a bright life of love because I believe that is the best way to honor those that have gone before us. It may feel as if we are left in this world to fend for ourselves, but we all have a Heavenly Father who keeps watch over us day and night. I take comfort that my brother Axel is in God’s care. I rejoice because he was saved. I’m thankful for the miracle God has given us of extra time with him before he was gone. Suicide is prevalent in rural Alaska and more so in Alaskan Natives. It should be a wake up call that we, as a people, have 5x more children taken from our homes than any other group of people, furthermore only 2% are reunified with their families. That cycle only leads to more alcoholism, drug addiction and inevitably a higher suicide rate. It is a choice to heal, it’s hard work but our future generations will reap the benefits. Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you think you are better than the next, it simply means you are fighting for the lives of our future generations. I remember my brother today, as I remember him every single day and strive to be that change that our people need. It starts as a splash, than turns to a ripple, soon a wave follows and we are on the presuppose of a tsunami. I pray today for healing and love everlasting. Love and be love.

Axel Constantine

Goodbye 2020

As the year 2020 comes to an end I just want to say this year in reflection has been a blessing. Despite the pandemic families have become closer, quality time has never had a closer meaning and getting out in nature is a blessing in its own! It’s good to have positive reflections and when next year comes around it will be that much more positive because of the way you choose to look at life. I pray blessings and protection over the year 2021. Thank you to all my readers and God Bless you all. I will write more in 2021!

Love and be love!