Today I found out how unique my name is as far as the State of Alaska goes. In history, I am the second person born in Alaska with the given name Gertie, there are only four of us! The most recent was born in 2012, two in the 80s and one before the 60s.

My mom had planned on giving me the name Cheryl, but at my birth she only thought of my great grandmother Gertie, who’s given name was Gertrude. I am happy my mom chose Gertie. I took a test to guess my age and the test guessed I was 79, based on my answers. Cute, 34 going on 79!

When a birch tree blushes at you, do you blush back?


When you thank God every single day, He will hear you. Each and every single day I find so many things to be thankful for! My favorite form of thanks comes very naturally, I look at the trees against the sky, or the snow and examine how intricate each snowflake is, always remembering each and every single one is unique and different. Absorbing all His beauty it literally puts a smile on my face and makes me blush, God is that awesome! I hear Duke say “thank you Jesus, Amen” sporadically throughout the day and agree with him. I cherish the meals my sister prepares for us so lovingly. I share the stories I write with my Mom over the phone and love to hear her laugh! I get to feel so very happy every single day and when I get frustrated it doesn’t take long to no longer feel that way after a simple prayer. I am so excited for church because we can actually go now! I’m excited for fellowship because when that wholesome feeling in your being is shared with so many people it is truly amazing. I hope no matter the struggles you go through in life, you can still smile at the end of the day because you made it through the day!


Adventures of Mommy and Duke

My son Duke will turn three on May the fourth. Our world together is a musical where we sing and dance or enjoy nature. I love looking at nature, always have been fascinated with God’s creation. I wish I can capture His beauty but it is only in my mind where I can appreciate it all because a picture never does it justice. It’s only a glimpse only a glance of His astounding beauty. Duke has the gift of speech, he is well versed in the ability to talk in sentences and he is always willing to learn. I pray our little world continues in love and that is a good thing to pray for.



When I fell in love with Jesus He became my everything, having less did no longer mean hope was lost. You can work hard in school and earn scholarships and continue learning. I did it! I paid for my college 100% through scholarships. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel you choose leads you to your destiny. Our inherent desire for shiny objects stems from thirst for the first of mankind, thirst for water. Imagine Jesus’ love is what we thirst for and apply that same love to your life, then be filled, then be overflowing.