I’m in love

I am in love with the perfect man. No matter how many mistakes in life I make, He loves me still. Nothing I do or say can make Him love me more than He does at this moment. This moment that I am alive I am loved beyond measure. Imagine that, beyond measure, or infinity. An infinity of love for a simple woman. Unending love. Forever is an eternity and I am loved for that long. It puts a smile on my face every single day. Knowing and believing I am loved for me. Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.
Grace is given, as a gift, and received, as the gift it is. What is grace? Grace is winning the lottery when you didn’t even buy a ticket. It’s hitting the jackpot a million times over. It is receiving love that I don’t and will never deserve. It is amazing!
Add these two factors together and it makes you want to strive to be the best person you can be. Forgiveness of sin is remarkable, but it is not a free pass to do whatever you want, even though you can literally do anything you want to do in this world. Having this love makes you want to be a good person because you are accepted for what is, imagine… what could be. The infinity of love from the Trinity. Godhead. What you call your God, His son and the Holy Spirit. Perfect Trifecta!
Love Jesus in your life, throughout your life, then your life will be well lived. What is it that you hope to give to this world? We can give nothing to this world because we are not of this world. The world is of us. Meaning we make this world what it is. Adding love to the world is a more loving world. When you love God above all things, that is the good life. No matter how much or how little you have in this world there is always one constant, and that is God’s love. He loves us the same because the price was paid for us. Jesus laid down His life so that we may receive the Holy Spirit. This was grace given in perfect form.
So we take each day and remember that today you are loved! Be love!

Sweet smell of spring in the air.

There is something about the first breath you take in when you step outside in the morning. I question myself “am I smelling spring?” Soon the sweet smell of flower blossoms will mix in with one of my favorite smells, right up there with baby’s first breath, is fresh greens. The smell of new life, it is intoxicating.

I look forward to harvesting fiddleheads and pickling them. I look forward to the mud! Why mud? Even though it may seem messy and a chore to clean up, mud represents the changing of the seasons. Spring or fall, times and seasons change and each season should be looked forward to. Different seasons give us different opportunities. Take each opportunity with a smile on your face because surely a new season is upon us!


Today I found out how unique my name is as far as the State of Alaska goes. In history, I am the second person born in Alaska with the given name Gertie, there are only four of us! The most recent was born in 2012, two in the 80s and one before the 60s.

My mom had planned on giving me the name Cheryl, but at my birth she only thought of my great grandmother Gertie, who’s given name was Gertrude. I am happy my mom chose Gertie. I took a test to guess my age and the test guessed I was 79, based on my answers. Cute, 34 going on 79!

When a birch tree blushes at you, do you blush back?


When you thank God every single day, He will hear you. Each and every single day I find so many things to be thankful for! My favorite form of thanks comes very naturally, I look at the trees against the sky, or the snow and examine how intricate each snowflake is, always remembering each and every single one is unique and different. Absorbing all His beauty it literally puts a smile on my face and makes me blush, God is that awesome! I hear Duke say “thank you Jesus, Amen” sporadically throughout the day and agree with him. I cherish the meals my sister prepares for us so lovingly. I share the stories I write with my Mom over the phone and love to hear her laugh! I get to feel so very happy every single day and when I get frustrated it doesn’t take long to no longer feel that way after a simple prayer. I am so excited for church because we can actually go now! I’m excited for fellowship because when that wholesome feeling in your being is shared with so many people it is truly amazing. I hope no matter the struggles you go through in life, you can still smile at the end of the day because you made it through the day!


Adventures of Mommy and Duke

My son Duke will turn three on May the fourth. Our world together is a musical where we sing and dance or enjoy nature. I love looking at nature, always have been fascinated with God’s creation. I wish I can capture His beauty but it is only in my mind where I can appreciate it all because a picture never does it justice. It’s only a glimpse only a glance of His astounding beauty. Duke has the gift of speech, he is well versed in the ability to talk in sentences and he is always willing to learn. I pray our little world continues in love and that is a good thing to pray for.



When I fell in love with Jesus He became my everything, having less did no longer mean hope was lost. You can work hard in school and earn scholarships and continue learning. I did it! I paid for my college 100% through scholarships. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel you choose leads you to your destiny. Our inherent desire for shiny objects stems from thirst for the first of mankind, thirst for water. Imagine Jesus’ love is what we thirst for and apply that same love to your life, then be filled, then be overflowing.

Church Review 1-14-2018

1-14-18 The Crossing To New Life
Chugiak, Ak
Joy Peace Purpose, those are the words that welcome you at the podium. The worship service at the Crossing was amazing. To me, it felt like a concert with the lights beaming with the songs of worship. Beautiful Spirit filled praising and worship. You know, that feeling of being in love with Jesus that ignites deep deep down in your soul. Fan the flame!
Again, I have a tendency to write down the message for me because that is how I learn and retain knowledge to better seek understanding. I write it down, review, repent and repeat. Only through action of knowledge is there understanding. Here is what I wrote “Being a Christian is not being religious it is being an example of love through Christ. Therefore, Go.”
When you choose every day to lay down your life for Christ you make way for the waves of love, the more love the bigger the wave. I see it as simple as being the wife, parent, daughter God calls us to be. That is love.
Accepting Jesus is a radical change. For those with nothing to tithe how will you do it? Easy. Tithe in the form of prayer and love. I did not have but a dime in my purse but I gave it along with a prayer for this Church’s ministry. Which are many and ever growing like that of the body of Christ. When it comes to what is God’s will for your life? Is it not clear that we are all called to do the same and that is to love? Love thy God with all thine heart and soul and understanding. Don’t let go of hope. Honestly desire God’s will above your own. Selfishness is the opposite of love, when you give honestly love honestly and proclaim for all to see that Jesus saved you, literally, what more will He ask of you? His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Do you have burden of finances? Give those burdens to God but do not sit idle, take the initiative and that initiative is inviting the Holy Spirit to use you each and every single day. How then, does love not pour from your actions? Simply by not letting go of what is holding you back and 97% of the hold back is one’s self. Self-seeking, self-indulging, self-pity. Give up being selfish because selfishness is hate. God is love and that love is all consuming when Jesus is Lord of your Life. Suffering leads to obedience, be obedient and no longer suffer. Resentment leads to repentance and in turn leads to replenishing of the soul. Filling your cup with love and praying it overflows. We are the winds of change with the words that come from our mouth. We are reminded every word that comes from your mouth is recorded in heaven. Now, what do you have to say? Anything not out of love should not be said. Speak love, speak truth or don’t speak. My world perspective has changed now to an eternal perspective. Urgent Message: the clock is ticking in the mind of man but time is a man made concept there is only God’s good time. And that is perfect. I love how the good word means the perfect word but because He is so humble we use the term good. Do good today for today is a good day. Now, go forth with the willingness to embrace God’s will every single day and at the root of it all it is simply to love, He does the work He holds the non existent clock that is a delusion of man for the only time we need to tell is God’s perfect timing, not delayed, not rushed but perfect. Amen.