IMG_8447My best asset is not my looks, not how I act, it is literally my ability to put my trust in God and to love Him and His son, regardless of the struggles of this world we are called to endure. Even through our struggles a lesson is learned. I have and continue to learn patience.

There is no limit on faith, just keep your faith and He will keep you. I was sewing yesterday and was thinking of our families life up at the cabin. One summer my parents bought an old fashion hand crank laundry washer. It was an open circle with the roller pin. It didn’t work very well but it did do a good job of ringing out the clothes that were washed. We had the washer boards and a tin tub before and after we used this contraption. My least favorite chore is and always was dishes. I went through a month of paying my siblings Monopoly money to do the dishes, until they tried to spend it at the store. I was punished accordingly and ended up having to do more chores in the end.

We had over 20 mushing dogs for a long time growing up. We had a slop bucket for table scraps we would feed them along with fish backbones. My dad never relied on commercial dog food, and commercial dog food never made sense to me. It is a healthier diet for dogs to eat table scraps and fish. The commercial producers use a lot of by product that is considered unedible by human standards. Also, when a puppy is a puppy and dewormed, they have to continue to be dewormed because although they eat commercialized dog food, they get worms over and over again. I would imply that maybe there is a scheme with the dog medical and food industry, skeptical to say the least.

Chores are important for children. They teach structure and healthy living habits, Duke is required to clean up any messes he makes and is always happy to do so, I just make it fun. Make life fun!

Gugeelee Lake

Growing up in a village we had to use our imagination a lot or find things to do for fun. When I was a very young girl, everyone had access to gugeelee Lake, which is by the airport landing strip next to the bridge that is now in Unalakleet. I would use an old coffee can and catch gugeelees and watch them, then let them go into the river. I thought they were being set free but I was actually disrupting their natural cycle. A fish will always return to where they were born, to lay eggs and start the cycle of life again. It is amazing. If I had known better I would not have captured them. There is a lake near the village that is by the first hill going up the river. This lake is at a higher level than the river and each year the fish that return to where they were spawned have to make a jump from the slough to the lake via a small water fall. It is awesome to watch fish! I get captivated by so many intricate details of so many things found in nature and it really makes life more enjoyable to truly appreciate the beauty in everything.

Happy Transition

Duke and I are becoming adjusted to living in an apartment. He has so much more room to play and run, but has had to learn to run quietly as we now have neighbors. We live not too far from town in a nice neighborhood. I am actively looking for a job in town until my book does well enough to support me and pursue publishing more great children’s books! I entered into a publishing agreement with Christian Faith Publishing and the book I wrote for kids is about hope! I was so happy to go to church tomorrow, then I found out it was only Friday. That is ok because I can be excited again tomorrow! Prayers are so powerful and everything is working out thanks to God for paving a way and for everything to fall into place at the same time. I am still struggling with breaking a bad habit of cigarettes but I am hopeful this is the beginning of the end for such an addictive bad habit. I tell myself everyday I do not have the desire to smoke and the desire is going away day by day. I like that I can admit my faults and work on becoming the woman I was created to be. 🌷

A simple bouquet.

The first thing in the spring that I was sure to pick for my mom growing up is what we call pussy willows, they are a white fluffy bloom on willow branches that are one of the first bloomage of spring. They are not a flower but they were pretty to me so I made sure to pick a bouquet for my mom and often times my grandmothers as well.

When summer came I loved picking blue bells and purple iris for my aunts, grandmothers and mom. They would smile and say thank you and it made me happy to make them happy. I still feel that way today when I make someone smile, it makes my heart happy. I have been struggling as of late to be my usual happy self. It is a inner battle of self esteem and wondering if “what if.” Then I surely snap out of it thanks to my sister who has been here for me when I needed her the most.

I am confident things will only get better as long as I continue to stay faithful to God and trust and rely on Him. I will teach Duke to admire flowers and pussy willows where they grow instead of picking them. I use a camera to take pictures of the flowers I love and come across because they do the world justice where they grow so beautifully.

Cabbie talk Alaska.

I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful cab driver a week ago. It was a lot about spreading hope. Duke and I took a cab from the cabin where we lived alone, with the exception of a week here or there every other month, to Palmer where we would be safe. It was $130 dollar cab but I didn’t have any options at the time. The shelter paid for $30 and that helped a lot. I didn’t know what was going on in this world with all the gun violence. I wrote last month about changing ammunition from lethal to tranquil, but the driver brought up very good points that allowed me to change my perspective. He said if a person wants to kill, it doesn’t matter the method, he will find a way to kill. From fertilizer to a bullet, he will find a way. It isn’t changing the dynamics of the situation, it is changing the hearts of the people of this world. When our hearts change, the mind changes. There is only hope through Jesus, that we both agreed. Where there is a will, there is a way. There will always be hope. Hope will endure the ages because Jesus will endure forever and ever amen.

Remember when.

I was a very young girl when I saw the first and only RV in Unalakleet. It was next to one of my favorite aunts house. I went inside it once, it was run down, but I imagined what it would have looked like in its prime. It was more of a play RV we made mud pies near.

There was an old garage next to the old house I grew up in. I would watch a robin every summer make her nest in there, the very spot the only hotel is now located. Our neighbor Patricia was so very nice to me. I got to be the baby in the wheel barrel and be pushed around. She had a clubhouse we would play Mickey Mouse clubhouse in. There was a time we made a cardboard with a hole in the middle and sang the same song on the show and popped our heads through the hole and said our names. We tried some of the bizarre snacks they invented on the show as well. She let me play with her amazing Barbi house a few times in her bedroom, this one had the elevator and it was spectacular.

Our parents bought the sugar cubes for their coffee once, I would eat them like they were candy and convinced my neighbor that they were candy and shared sugar cubes.

I made up a game at the playground called Devils Ditch, you had to swing past a person in the ditch and not get pulled down. It was meant to teach kids how to try to avoid traps and that no matter how bad things may seem they will always get better. It’s so fun to remember all the cherished memories I have, there are so many it would take a lifetime.

Some of my favorite memories are of visiting my Papa Johns. He had saved so many beautiful knick knacks from my Great Grandma Gertie. I loved to simply look at them and the picture of the praying man on his wall. I would imagine another picture of an elderly woman praying as well and in college I had the same print and it came with the woman praying too. I loved looking at his doves and listening to them coo. His telephone was a rotary brown phone and I was sure to use it to call home because I loved how it spun back and thought it was amazing. When I graduated at my eighth grade promotion he gave me a JR Bible, I passed that on to my boys and soon Duke will be able to call it his own as well.

I remember when my dad was building our boat in his brothers shop. I got in trouble for watching him weld because the arc is dangerous for the eyes. I ended up being the best fire watch on the boat I worked on during shipyard. I stopped the boat from burning down. They were cutting lines in the factory and Hung Lee cut the wrong pipe, it blew a flame out of it and was going to start a boat fire. I heard “liar, liar” but they were saying fire fire! I was swift and on my feet running to the area of the screams and during my sprint already had the extinguisher pin pulled and ready to go, I was on the wrong side of the machine so I threw the extinguisher to hung lee who was standing there and he extinguished the blaze.

Point of my memories? They are cool and fun to share! Have a nice day!

Emotional Abuse is abuse.. get out!

I decided for myself to no longer be with an emotionally abusive person. I was made to believe that I was the one doing the abuse when, in fact, my behavior is a cry for help. I was told if I broke up with my boyfriend that “he would kill himself.” That statement alone is an abusers way of keeping a vulnerable person at bay. I have been seeking self help regiments to better my quality of life, for myself. This could only do so much. I have money saved up to leave, but no running vehicle to do so. He did hit me once this past year, he said it was unintentional and that he woke up from a sleep and it was instinct. When someone uses their financial advantage against say, a stay at home Mom, such as myself, that is abuse. I was willing to leave the first time he hit me. He was the first man in my life to lay hands on me. I don’t stand for any type of abuse, I never have. Granted I did make my own mistakes in this relationship I should not be forced to live in shame for the rest of my life, that is why I admitted to my mistakes, so I would no longer be ashamed. Living in my own shame almost led Ash to suicide, something I’ve been against my whole life. I only ask for prayers for this endeavor of leaving an abusive partner. I believe in the power of prayer and the first step is leaving the situation. I have until the next week to leave, where there is a will there is a way and I pray for God to provide a way. Amen.