Alaskan Summer 2021

Your life is the product of your inner most hopes. I hope you all had a blessed summer. Love and be love.

Mommy and Duke May 4th

Swing in to Summer List: Alaska


We started off our summer with a camping trip on June 1st. We went through a beaver 🦫 forest to find a beautiful beaver!

Mr. Beaver “Fluffy”

I spent spring picking Masu, an edible root also known an an Indian potato, fiddleheads, beach greens we call tiqayuks, sura or willow blooms, spruce tips, and a fish called hooligan. We are so blessed to be able to gather goodness from the land and the tradition of gathering enough to last through winter.

I have started a TikTok to share “driving in Alaska” and subsistence activities. God is good!

Catching hooligan also known as oolichan or candlefish.

Love and be loved.

Alaskan Fiddleheads

Usually, when I start to see geese or crane flying North, I know the fiddleheads are almost ready. These are the early unfurled ferns that like to grow in moist areas, such as near creeks or by the bay. In their raw form, fiddleheads have a toxin that can be removed by boiling the cleaned greens for five minutes then rinsing well before cooking or pickling. I like to pickle mine with a easy to remember solution of 3/4 water 3/4 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 tsp salt along with pickling spices. Soon Devils club shoots and masu are what is harvested the same time as fiddleheads. Dandelion jelly is batter up and spruce tip syrup. I love harvesting goodness from this area!

Prayer week Alaska


Have you ever been driving down the street and stop to let an ambulance pass? First thought? I lift up the people being tended to in prayer, I pray for the EMTs going to the crisis. Do not for one second, doubt the power of prayer. Each and every single prayer makes a difference in this chaos we call life. Where two or more are in agreement, He is there! Do you ever meet a stranger through a simple hello? Not knowing a single detail about their life, do you lift up their life in prayer? Always ending in “Your will be done?” A few months ago I saw something beautiful, not in person, but online. It was a picture of one million children in India praying for world peace. It touched my heart, what would your reaction be? I joined them in prayer. The children took the initiative to pray for sometime that this world desperately needs. This is prayer week for Alaska and He will hear our prayers. A chain link of seven for each day of the week. We lift each other up in prayer and believe it makes a difference because it truly does. Amen!

Alaskan Delicacy: Muktuk

IMG_8269Beluga whale skin and fat prepared by boiling for 5-10 mins. Salt to taste. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and something I feel blessed to be able to eat. One cannot go to a store to buy whale, one cannot sell whale, only at the table of those allowed to hunt will you be able to eat Muktuk.