Always ask Questions

One of my favorite things to do is to find the hardest questions in life and seek the answers. Sometimes the answers are laid out for everyone but the lack of understanding leads to false truths, lies embedded in something as simple as a Disney movie. One of my first college papers had to do with the evil of Disney, so my sons grew up on Veggie Tales. Discovering the truth takes deep digging. Vaccinations were intended to help man but now they are a game of profit. Leading to lifetime customers. The best antibiotics are found in honey. The one thing governments tell us not to give our children. The bee goes out to gather the goodness of the earth and in turn make the only edible that never decays and is edible forever. Why no one is doing a study on the capacities of honey as a natural antibiotic will no longer be a question, it will happen. The one land in America where it is sovereign is native land, this is where hemp fields will be planted, revolutionizing the textile and fuel industry and in turn healing the land of toxins. You will never receive the answers unless you ask the questions. I have so much to learn and experience as all of us do. But my mind is made beautiful through Jesus, just as my heart is.

All trees are the tree of life.

IMG_1341In the dead of winter while most are not looking, not paying attention, new life is forming and patiently waiting for spring to arrive. The buds of new leaves form without recognition and secretly await the new season, only to give life for a season and then lay waste to the ground. It is on the ground then that the leaves continue in lifeless work giving nutrients to the earth for the next season. Each tree is the tree of life with each branch rising to it’s own accord but a live branch always reaches for the heavens using the rays of the sun to endure. The roots of a forest entangle with each other, one uprooted tree will cause many to uproot in time, weakening the root of those around it. Each leaf has a purpose for its season to give the tree the ills of the air to be purified and in exchange given the breath of life. Even in death the tree served its purpose in the form of paper, cabinetry or a source of heat. It takes lifetimes for trees to form to become effective purifiers of the air. There is the seed bearing leaf that was a gift to man to be used as textile, fuel and a means to pull toxins from the ground. The best designs are found in nature and cannot be replicated by man. Why run to a lab only to recreate that what is already perfectly created? Causing pollutants and in turn killing the earth a slow intended death. As long as the earth endures we will endure in God’s good graces. It is up to each individual to do their part by being informed consumers. Your vote is what you choose to eat. Pesticides are the cause of most ailments today we do not have the time to prove this we need to act now. Vote with your hard earned income on what is good. Organic is good. Everything we need as a human race is provided for free, it is the lack of giving where corruption and greed for those who already have enough only wanting more. More more more and soon there will be nothing to take. Our Earth is dying, man is at fault, but there is hope in the actions of every day people who feed the bellies of the ultra rich gobbers. Gobbling away instead of working for restoration they are seeking to destroy all life but their own. We the people we are the change we are the sway of the changing times. It is time.


When the leaders of nations blindly lead the blind that is no longer leadership. A leader is not over powering he is empowering creating more and more leaders to help in leadership positions. Governments and courts that no longer have their pupils in their best interest, instead heed the interests of billion dollar corporations, it is no longer a government for the people and it is up to the people to peacefully vote out the corruption. The face of the top position is just a face, the true corruption lies in the house of many people who are bought. When a man is in a position of authority and takes advantage of any person in a lewd sexual manner they do not belong in that position. If they cannot be a moral compass to ones self how then are the people treated? As a daughter’s heart is a reflection of her mother’s heart so a man’s brain is a reflection of his father’s. Be kind be gentle because we cannot rewind time but we can build a better future for our children’s children’s children.

The Spirit of the Wild Mustang

IMG_6900Some of the most powerful war horses took a lot of breaking in. The native people of America knew to be patient with disobedient horses because once tamed, the hardest horse to break in was a gift to the chief. Patience. Oh how I lack patience, but He is patient. Anything that I lack, God will provide. It could be in the form of a song, a smile from a stranger or the beauty He paints each day in the sky for all to see.

Battle wounds were well taken care of on the chiefs war horse, the more wounds the fiercer the horse and the more willing to go to battle. When a bone is broken, they say it heals to be a stronger bone, harder to break. When a Spirit is broken only Jesus can restore it. When you break the spirit of a child, it may take a lifetime for that child’s spirit to be restored. We pray for restoration.

The war cries were not only heard, they were felt down to the bone where all the spirits were restored in unison. It is a Spirit of love, to defend what is sacred, noble and honest. When your bones are healing and your spirit feels broken, remember you are loved. Only when that what they loved was threatened was there the need for war. The indigenous people of America were not war hungry, in fact, they were peaceful as long as territories were respected. Only the greed for more led to war.

For those with a colorful past, do those array of colors not make you more beautiful? When the butterfly emerges from its cocoon, do you think it had a choice?



The gun control issue can be solved through a book idea I have had for a long time. Man will always need a weapon to feel safe, to feel that they are capable of protecting themselves. It’s not the weapon that needs to change, it’s a revolutionary idea of changing the ammunition from lethal to tranquil. Giving the option to subdue rather than destroy. As far as our way of life goes, hunting our own animals for our sustenance, that could be done like the days of old if you feel that is your lot in life. I will be an amazing archer one day when I have a daughter. We will have an amazing world together only because God is my world, Jesus is my everything and I don’t ever feel I need protection because He is my protector and there is nothing on this world more powerful than Jesus. IMG_6917