Shrick Shrick saves the day.

By Gertie Ann

Growing up we had bilingual and bicultural class. My first teachers for this class were Mrs. Mary Ann Haugen and Mrs. Charles. I remember learning the word for squirrel in our language Inupiaq. “Shrick Shrick.” It was an amazing class because of the testimony of Mrs. Charles. She told us the story of how a Shrick Shrick saved her. She was in the woods alone, this was after her husband passed away. A bear started charging her and just when she thought it was going to attack her a squirrel ran across the path of the bear. The bear changed its course and chased after the “Shrick Shrick.” The squirrel saved her life! This testimony has stuck with me in my heart for a very long time. Your stories have meaning, and can make an impact in someone’s life. Have faith and stand firm, God knows when you are in danger and He will always make a way. Sometimes that way is in the form of a simple squirrel, “Shrick Shrick.”

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