Getting a J-O-B in 2022

Did you ever have an interview that made you cry? I cried today. In this interview I was asked how I came to know Jesus. I said well I accepted the Lord into my heart in the eighth grade. Before that my mom would send us to Sunday school and that was the foundation. We also went to Covenant Bible Camp and that deepened our relationship with God. I’ve failed in marriage, failed in school and sometimes I feel like I’ve failed as a mother. But, God has never failed me, not once. I think every day acts of kindness brings light into an already dark world. We live in uncertain times and God is calling us to be a light. I just try to love on everybody. I know I fall short of the glory of God every single day but I am forgiven and worthy. I may not be qualified but I am willing. I went on to talk about the darkness of suicide and how the rate of suicide among our native population is so much higher than the national average. I went on to talk about my brother who committed suicide and how every single day is a day of healing. How every single day I have to choose to be healed by God. How I was healed through a ministry of women from eagle river who took me back through my traumatic events in life and how Jesus was right there with me. I suggested my interviewer look up an organization called popping bubbles and how happy I was that Ariel started to bring awareness to suicide. I talked about blogging and sharing my testimony through writing and that if one soul was saved through these efforts that all Glory be to God. I talked about writing a book that encourages ministry in children. How I had to write this book in a way that it could be read in schools. And how I am fundraising to get this book into every school in Alaska. I encouraged my interviewer that it starts at a young age and although I was interviewing to work with college age students my calling is to the Children. God revealed that these children are being raised by this demographic. God reminded me that my mom was the one who sent us to Sunday school. My dad was the one who paid for us to go to bible camp. To reach a demographic of children we need to reach the ones raising them. How every single person in this world is meant to be a child of God, but often we are made to feel unworthy. That feeling is not of God, the Living Truth is not a feeling it is a fact. That Jesus died on the cross and was raised three days later, that He paid the ultimate debt and in return He asks me to love Him every single day. God uses us every single day. I talked about the Covenant Church and CYAK and their efforts to save our people. I talked about being willing to introduce leaders of different organizations to meet up. We are stronger together. Have you ever had an interview that made you cry? I cry tears of Joy because God is so good to me. I live by Faith and God has always provided for His people, He puts a smile on my face every single day. Last week I asked my seven year old son “who is Jesus?” and he proclaimed “Jesus is love.” We need to proclaim Jesus is love. Love and be love.


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