Spring 2021

The wonderful cycle of gathering goodness from the land continues. I say cycle because we repeat it every year. Work hard in the spring, summer and fall to put away enough food to last through the winter. We were raised to live like this. It’s a memory recorded in our DNA. I like to share this knowledge because everyone should be capable of feeding themselves, especially when the store shelves become empty. The edible food that grows around us naturally produces the nutrients we need to survive our habitat. That’s the same for the vegetation and animals all over the world. Duke turned six and he has a deep understanding of nature already. He has a thankful heart and loves the food we gather. Learn. Live. Love 💕

Masu, edible root.

1 Comment

  1. Such important truths here Gertie which are so lost in our ‘sophisticated’ modern culture. Most people dont know how to survive!
    Happy Birthday Duke! 🎉
    I hope all is well with you sister. Thank you for sharing of your life with us. ❤


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