Blessed Easter 2021

This year Duke and I talked about what Easter means. First I asked him what it meant to him, he exclaimed “the Easter bunny comes to hide the eggs.” I said “we do get to find eggs hidden by the Easter bunny but Easter is the day Jesus rose from His tomb and went to heaven.” “why did he go to heaven?” Asked Duke. “Well Jesus went to heaven so we can all go to heaven, we have to believe in Him and He loves every single person and wants all of us to go to heaven.” In the mind of a 5 year old Easter is about a bunny who hides eggs. Duke prays with me, sings with me and knows mommy loves Jesus. I don’t force him to believe, he just follows by example. Following by example. Our only example we need to follow is Jesus’. It’s perfect and something we can strive for and always improve. I’m saved through Jesus and thankful every day for His sacrifice. Love and be love, here are some 2021 Easter pictures. 💕 He is Risen Indeed.


  1. Hi Gertie! It seems I haven’t received your posts even though I’ve “followed” for a long time. I thought you were taking a long break!
    Glad I searched for your blog, somehow there’s a “follow” glitch.
    Good to see you sister and Duke too! 😃

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