Seeking Wisdom

Wisdom comes easily to those who seek the wise. I do not claim to be wise, for that is not wise. White hair is a crown of wisdom and that makes sense because those seasoned in life through experience of living in this world gain wisdom. Learning to respond rather than react in situations is a form of wisdom. Empathy is a form of wisdom, allowing yourself to learn from other’s successes or failures. When an elder is present in a room, we are taught to stand quietly until spoken to. Being respectful is wise. Having a sense of identity of your cultural background is a fundamental part of growing into the unique human each of us are created as. Delving into your true self with a sense of wonderment and accepting yourself for you is wise. Not one person on this earth has the ability to make another person wise, it is up to one’s self to ascertain through seeking knowledge and applying accordingly. Truly, wisdom is a gift from God.


      1. thank you little sister. I am sad to say that Dianne passed to meet the Lord on the 16th. I am still devastated, but trust in God and that I will meet my precious wife again.


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