Prayers for Duke

I’m lifting up my son Duke in prayer. According to my son he has been abused by his step-mom since he met her in October. Every month since November he comes home with bruises on his cheeks and back. Today Duke came forward with who has been giving him bruises. The Office of Children’s Services of Alaska has been notified. My son was raised not to lie and he has no reason to lie. His entire life he’s never had these types of injuries. From the first bruise in November to the bruises he came home with today, have all been documented. I reached out to OCS in December to no avail. Now there is an open investigation. I hoped they were not from an adult or any person, I know my son well and he is not clumsy and does not get hurt all the time. He developed a stutter in December, a couple months after the abuse started. He’s always been scared to tell me how he gets the bruises. I serve a just God and pray for my son and divine protection for him. This is my plea, this is me begging for everyone to lift Duke up in your prayers. He has been a happy kid his whole life, that changed when the abuse started. I am very observant and take notice of minute changes, his changes have been drastic. No child deserves abuse! I pray for healing and protection for my son! These pictures are not all the incidents, but the more extreme ones spanning from November to April 13th.

I appreciate all prayers and I whole heartily believe in the power of prayer!

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