Alaskan Mukluk Yo-yo’s

For years I’ve only wished for my mom to realize her true potential and worth. For years I’ve had talks with an inebriated  mom who did not realize her own self worth. Now, for months I’ve had sober life discussions with my mom, the woman who gave birth to me. The woman who raised me to be the person I am today. Duke and I welcomed my mom’s arrival in May. Since then, she has watched my son Duke for me while I worked at a daycare. Not expecting a penny in return. Lack of hours led me back to my life long passion of sewing, creating beautiful works of art with my very own hands. I was struggling, I am struggling, only holding on to my faith in a better tomorrow. Funny thing is, tomorrow isn’t promised. I recently lost my neighbor growing up, who was a beloved aunt. I remember her flower bed vividly. Everyday I walked to school in the morning I would adore my Aunt’s flower bed, saying to myself I love those flowers, I want to grow flowers like her when I grow up. I did. I grew flowers again and again, never able to attain the beauty of my Aunt’s flower bed. So here I am, sewing with my mom everyday, casting my worries to God. He takes care of His own didn’t you know? Blessed memory to my Aunt and here are some pictures of my finished Mukluk Yo-yo’s. May your flower beds be full and your heart as well!


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