Happy Transition

Duke and I are becoming adjusted to living in an apartment. He has so much more room to play and run, but has had to learn to run quietly as we now have neighbors. We live not too far from town in a nice neighborhood. I am actively looking for a job in town until my book does well enough to support me and pursue publishing more great children’s books! I entered into a publishing agreement with Christian Faith Publishing and the book I wrote for kids is about hope! I was so happy to go to church tomorrow, then I found out it was only Friday. That is ok because I can be excited again tomorrow! Prayers are so powerful and everything is working out thanks to God for paving a way and for everything to fall into place at the same time. I am still struggling with breaking a bad habit of cigarettes but I am hopeful this is the beginning of the end for such an addictive bad habit. I tell myself everyday I do not have the desire to smoke and the desire is going away day by day. I like that I can admit my faults and work on becoming the woman I was created to be. 🌷


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