150 billion dollars

The illicit profits of slavery is 150 billion dollars each year. In the world today people are sold as slaves. God intervenes when His workers intervene. To not raise awareness is ungodly, to turn away and pretend this isn’t happeneing is illicit. I have been receiving emails for 16 years from http://www.freetheslaves.net and at one point in my life I was able to contribute to their cause. Now I offer my prayers because we do what we are capable and then we become more than capable. We can’t leave it up to governments to make the change we as a race are capable of making. Dig deep, what is it that these slaves represent? A lot is blood diamonds, something that looks pretty but is abundant and the price is a lie. Where does the cocoa you consume come from? Family farms or from the backs of children living in slavery? Being an informed consumer, changing spending habits to help create a better world. Each individual is tasked to live a life loving God, how can you claim to love God yet turn your head and not attempt to do what you are capable? We pray today for those living a life of slavery, being a slave to debt is a life of slavery, the only difference is you are not being physically beaten to death.

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