All trees are the tree of life.

IMG_1341In the dead of winter while most are not looking, not paying attention, new life is forming and patiently waiting for spring to arrive. The buds of new leaves form without recognition and secretly await the new season, only to give life for a season and then lay waste to the ground. It is on the ground then that the leaves continue in lifeless work giving nutrients to the earth for the next season. Each tree is the tree of life with each branch rising to it’s own accord but a live branch always reaches for the heavens using the rays of the sun to endure. The roots of a forest entangle with each other, one uprooted tree will cause many to uproot in time, weakening the root of those around it. Each leaf has a purpose for its season to give the tree the ills of the air to be purified and in exchange given the breath of life. Even in death the tree served its purpose in the form of paper, cabinetry or a source of heat. It takes lifetimes for trees to form to become effective purifiers of the air. There is the seed bearing leaf that was a gift to man to be used as textile, fuel and a means to pull toxins from the ground. The best designs are found in nature and cannot be replicated by man. Why run to a lab only to recreate that what is already perfectly created? Causing pollutants and in turn killing the earth a slow intended death. As long as the earth endures we will endure in God’s good graces. It is up to each individual to do their part by being informed consumers. Your vote is what you choose to eat. Pesticides are the cause of most ailments today we do not have the time to prove this we need to act now. Vote with your hard earned income on what is good. Organic is good. Everything we need as a human race is provided for free, it is the lack of giving where corruption and greed for those who already have enough only wanting more. More more more and soon there will be nothing to take. Our Earth is dying, man is at fault, but there is hope in the actions of every day people who feed the bellies of the ultra rich gobbers. Gobbling away instead of working for restoration they are seeking to destroy all life but their own. We the people we are the change we are the sway of the changing times. It is time.

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