We share the same purpose

Mankind has a tendency to think that our survival is based on water, to most the one thing needed to survive. When, in fact, the one thing that is needed for our life is the one thing that causes us to age and die and that is the breath of life. With each breath our lives are sustained, but in turn we draw closer to death. Time is illusion of man and steals souls making him to think his only purpose on earth was to punch a time card. We are truly only asked to do one thing and that is to love God, recognizing that He is the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All else will follow. So with each breath you take give thanks. Thankful for love. I do not watch the news and gave up being an active member of Facebook. I want to encourage everyone to get in the Word, then get out in the real world and spread some smiles. Even through a simple smile hope is found. Our Hope is Jesus and He indeed will dwell in your heart once you accept Him. Love.


  1. There is no need to wonder why all men on earth have one less rib than that of a woman. Only A non-believer requires evidence and only the faithful believe and hold true to what is taught. Keep up the good work! Your testimony has a purpose and let those who have an ear hear and those who have the heart change their heart. We seek those who don’t know this love (non-believer) only to show them love. You are right when you say we are to lead by example, but remember there is only one perfect example and His name is Jesus. Amen.


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