There will be an incident in your life or many, where everything changes. It is a button pushed in your heart that will make you Rise. For me, it happens a lot. I care too much, about every single thing. It could be consuming but it is not. I take heed to the most important lessons I’ve learned and those are lessons of love.

On December 13 I cried and felt as if I had taken a hit to the heart and the pain was soul crushing. I was mad and enraged. Not understanding why and then I wrote: When your self-righteous hand is raised to be picked up for that glorious moment, until you are ready to give up your spot for a non-believer, you need a better understanding of love.

When I was a Sophmore I asked only three women to sign my yearbook. The front was my cousin Sissy, the middle was my classmate Chelsea and the Autograph Page was my friend Aurora, I called her Bucy or Aurora Mary Lucy Bucy Bahr. She took her own life on the 13th and when she left a piece of my heart left with her. I give my pain for her loss to Jesus and she is in His care. She was raped 11 months prior. Nothing was being done about it in our village because the person who did it was in a position of authority. I am continually seeking justice for her but giving up the right to punish to God. I would tremble. I asked the assailaint to willingly step down and to come forward, he did not. This matter is in God’s hands. I’ve been praying since October for God to shed light on the darkness. He is. He is in control.

Aurora had a smile that was contagious. One of my favorite things on this earth third to babies and elders. She was a veteran woman warrior of the Navy. Her testimony alone had the capability to create change. She was beautiful and I believe she is in a far better place and only Jesus can judge her. She is loved.

Her mother is hurting in her heart. It is a pain only Jesus can heal. We lift her up in prayer and give this situation to God. I believe in the power of prayer. As I have seen this power first hand time and time again.

When you hurt someone you Hurt Him and that’s an awful thing. Thank God for forgiveness and healing, give it to God. 0DFD9702-E05A-4457-8F94-CD882184610D

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