Church review 1-7-18


1-7-2018 Church on the Rock

In the age of digital disability I found it interesting to go to church today, because the sermon was delivered through streaming on a big screen. There is a sense of impersonal delivery and a sense of connection lost. It was a sermon on asking why Jesus was baptized even though He was blameless. He was baptized into service by the man of the wild John. Anointing oil and direction from the Holy Spirit. Awe inspiring awesomeness.

I interpreted the message in my own notes and the things revealed to me were not a part of the sermon. Incorporated into the sermon was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and they showed pictures of her wealth. In my notes I wrote instead of indulging in the pictures they were showing. “Royal blood on Earth is NOT Royal blood in Heaven. Jesus is the Only Royalty in Heaven and on Earth. Do not be impressed by what the riches’ of this earth have to offer. Riches of the Heart are received in Heaven.”

Bondage of Sin is only broken through Jesus. The Hebrew word for wash is Baptismal or Baptize. Suffering leads to obedience, without suffering there would be no desire to be obedient. Jesus is our Atonement and there is no longer a need for sacrifice. Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice. New Destiny awaits when we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. We live in shame and through Jesus become Shameless. I only want to be a sheep if Jesus is the Shepherd. Prepare the way for Jesus for He is the only way.

Let my light shine bright through the night through the day all the way for You! I received communion and enjoyed worship as I always do. There was a little girl who danced to every song, my eyes were closed for most songs but I felt the joy she was emitting and no one seemed to take notice. Maybe she was the pastors daughter and the congregation was use to her form of worship. Before I left I walked up to her and said “excuse me” she gave me a serious look and I told her “You did and awesome job dancing for Jesus!” Her smile was one of a thousand angels smiling in unison and I gave her a high five. My heart was happy. The little ones are the heart of Jesus in a sense that they hold a special place in His heart. I agree one thousand percent.


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